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Designing Governance and Regulatory Control Frameworks for Banks, Building Societies and Financial Services firms

Our Regulatory Expertise

We provide professionally qualified and experienced resource with a proven track record of building governance, regulatory and compliance assurance functions from within a broad range of regulated businesses. We have lived many of the challenges our clients face. We have built governance, regulatory and compliance frameworks and regulatory control architecture from inside regulated firms. We have professional senior management experience across regulated firms including retail banking, residential mortgages, savings & loans. We have worked in start-ups, turnarounds, right-sizing and established firms and we understand the different challenges each change process brings.

Our Bespoke Approach

We provide an end-to-end solution consisting of discrete stages including initial analysis, defining and designing requirements, testing, implementing, embedding and post-implementation monitoring and assurance tools. Our flexible approach and pricing structure enable clients to choose all or some of the stages to suit their individual needs, preferences, and budget. We offer an expert practitioner-led approach that draws on in-depth knowledge of working within a broad spectrum of financial services businesses. Our primary mission is to increase the efficacy and value of outputs from your Governance and Regulatory Control Framework, whilst enabling you to demonstrate, deliver and maintain enhanced systems & controls.

Our Operational Philosophy

Our ethos is that a thoughtfully designed, sensitively implemented and robustly embedded Governance and Regulatory Control Framework will bring benefits beyond just best practice regulatory compliance, including: Providing the governing body and other Senior Managers with effective oversight and regulatory knowledge in respect of their areas of responsibility, enabling them to spend more time fulfilling the firm’s strategic objectives. Delivering efficient and timely change management procedures which can reduce the impact on resource requirements in assurance and business developments for managing regulatory change. Augmenting well-designed compliance assurance procedures and tools to ensure the firm delivers enhanced consumer outcomes.

Our Services

Significant social, political and economic scrutiny continues to bear on all organisations in the public eye. Achieving and maintaining governance and regulatory standards is now a critical requirement.

Increasing individual accountability of a firm’s governing body and its senior executive management reinforces the need to evidence and operate a sound Governance and Regulatory Control Framework.

Building and maintaining a robust Governance and Regulatory Control Framework enables a firm to demonstrate how it oversee it’s activities. This is important to meet the statutory duties of responsibility and compliance of their regulatory body.

Bespoke GRC has extensive experience in designing Governance and Regulatory Control Frameworks for Banks, Building Societies and Financial Services firms. Here we describe our approach and philosophy in delivering these for you and your organisation.

Bespoke GRC can design, implement and embed a Governance and Regulatory Control Framework tailored for your firm.